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Elle India Graduates


We have embarked on a journey to achieve global recognition in the fashion industry by combining the rich heritage of India with the latest drift in fashion. The Opal Tribe is the outcome of our creative potential and entrepreneurship. We adapt to an experimental approach in our design process and challenging societal norms, stereotypes, and "design rules" is an exciting prospect for us. We plan to expand our presence in the industry and exploring beyond our forte as a designer duo team.

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Driven to make a difference

Opal is a stone that has emotional properties and can mirror the mood of its wearer. It enhances emotions and promotes both freedom and independence. In the current fashion landscape, where trends are no longer the sole defining factor, we encourage originality and creativity. Our objective is to create a community of young individuals who challenge the boundaries of monotony as they venture into the world.

Since our inception in 2020, The Opal Tribe has made significant progress. What started as an idea progressed into a business plan and then into an online store that caters to customers who relate to our brand. Our determination and commitment to bringing about positive change have enabled us to develop into a thriving brand. Our focus is not only on providing socially responsible and upcycled products but also on educating and motivating the global community to adopt a sustainable lifestyle.

About: Our Story
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